Offering sustainable, life-long sanctuary for all of our residents is the number one priority. Sisu Refuge is currently home to more than 130 incredible individuals.

We aim to bring awareness to the exploitation of both human and non-human animals caused by commercial farming. We hope to inspire our local communities to live compassionately by avoiding these industries.

As farmed animals are among the most abused individuals in the world, we advocate for a plant based diet and a cruelty free lifestyle that abstains from all animal use.

We regularly work with local authorities and national animal shelters to ensure the rescue and safe placement of large breed pigs and other farmed animals. We also assist in hoarding cases and criminal cruelty cases whenever possible.


Sisu Refuge is a safe haven for more than 130 beautiful, sentient beings - most of them commercial 'farmed' hogs. Nearly all of the residents here have survived situations of severe neglect, abuse, exploitation, and even natural disasters.

Our 47+ acre property is located in the most concentrated factory farmed county in the world - Duplin, North Carolina. The world's largest pig slaughterhouse, which kills over 33,000 sentient beings daily, is located an hour from our doorstep.

It is our mission to provide the absolute best care possible for each individual - while inspiring others to make compassionate choices that reduce harm and suffering to others and our planet.

As farmed animals are the most abused and exploited beings in the world, we have made it our priority to rescue those who need us most while advocating for their rights to live a life free from harm. We share the stories of the animals here in hopes of inspiring kindness in others, and we open our gates to the public to facilitate those connections needed for real change.

We opened our doors in February 2019, and have already saved nearly 1,000 animals, while networking for countless others.