Meet Mr. Pancakes

Meet Mr. Pancakes!
Rescue Date: May 13th 2022
Saved from: Genetic DNA Testing Lab “Truck Jumper”
Favorite foods: Broccoli
Best friend: Hannah
Special Talents: Impeccable manners, great sits, runs like the wind!
He’s a 10, but….: broccoli toots, tears up Hannah’s stuffed animals

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During the first week of his life, Mr. Pancakes had his tail cut off, his teeth clipped, his testicles violently ripped out, and his ear tattooed – all without anesthesia or pain relief. 💔 He was born into a literal hell for animals, but he surely found comfort and happiness in his family before they were taken away from him, too. Removed his mom and separated from his brothers and sisters, this little one was packed into a truck with thousands of other scared babies and sent on the road to another farm.
There’s no doubt in my mind that Mr. Pancakes jumped out of the truck that day and luckily, he found a safe landing here at Sisu. We cannot replace his mom or his family, but we can give him an opportunity that only one in a million pigs are ever truly given.
A chance to grow up and grow old with respect and freedom. A chance to feel love and happiness and to live his life on his terms – without fear. A chance at finding a new family and years of experiencing pure joy and comfort.
Mr. Pancakes is safe, and he knows he is already so very loved!
We wouldn’t be able to say, “yes” to pigs like Mr. Pancakes without your support and generosity. Thank you for loving these animals alongside us and helping us help them. If you want to support the work we do here work and back the care for Sisu’s residents, please sign up to sponsor Mr. Pancakes here. Don’t forget to get your Unstoppable Pancakes Superhero T-Shirt here!

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